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Politics of Fear

Fear mongering has become a manipulative and violent political platform. 

We’re building this Resource page for local and state politicians, national leaders and parliaments around the world to help leaders better understand its abuse and depreciate its value.

Please find below articles, some books, groups, and online resources dealing with the politics of fear from varying perspectives such as religion, race, gender and sexuality, nationality, culture, economics, and others, and from the perspective of different disciplines like psychology, anthropology, history, etc.



G. Brekhman (Ed.): Phenomenon of violence. View from a Position of Prenatal Psychology and Medicine. 2005

L. Janus: The Enduring Effects of Prenatal Experience. Mattes Heidelberg 2001L. L. Janus: The Significance of the Early Phases of Childhood. 2001

The International Journal:

PDF Fear, Rejection and Aggressiveness in Autopsychognosia with Psychedelic Drugs

Z.A. Kafkalides

Fears and Feelings During Pregnancy: A Cross Cultural Study

B. Chalmers, D. Meyer

The Journal of Psycho-history (many resources):

An important study: Violence against pregnant women changes the genetics of the children

Constance scientists show an epigenetic influence of domestic violence against pregnant women on the hereditary disposition of their children


From the perspective of prenatal psychology the origins of fear and violence lie in the earliest development of the individuals 

Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH)

“The New Commandments” Is a spiritual suspense novel after 9/11 dealing with conflict resolution and interfaith dialogue. -Written by Steve Brody PhD

“The USA Patriot Act: Civil Liberties, the Media, and Public Opinion”

Written by Lisa Finnegan Abdolian and Harold Takooshian

Additional Book Submissions

"The Mahatma and the Mujihadeen: Gandhi's Answer to Terrorism" by Michael N. Nagler

 "Nonviolence: An Alternative for Defeating Global Terror(ism)" edited by Senthil Ram and Ralph Summy.

Additional Film Submission

"Searching for an Exit in the Corridor of Fear: Revisiting Gandhi and King in times of Terrorism" by Anna Alomes

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