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Relationship Literacy Programs

With incidences of bullying and other types of abuse and violent conflict taking place in our homes, schools and communities, the Relationship Literacy Program presents a set of principles, strategies, and tools within a holistic model to improve human interaction.

Developed over a ten year period in Connecticut schools and treatment programs, the Relationship Literacy Program covers 4 principal areas.

1.       Important role of relationships to the development of personal and social identity

2.       Identification of different types of abuses and violent behaviors, and their prevention

3.       Valuable self-management skills along with the awareness of individual rights and responsibilities

4.       Concepts, principles, and tools necessary to effect and maintain healthier relationships

Online Curriculum and Training Series: Let your students participate in the Relationship Literacy online games and programs for school grades 4 to High School through adult populations.

Curriculum Booklets (Kindle and Paperback): Purchase our standalone Relationship Literacy individual curriculum booklets for use in your classrooms grades 5 and 6.

Relationship Literacy Word Puzzles: Have fun and be challenged with our Healthy Relationship Word Puzzle Series at Teachers pay Teachers. These 38 Word Puzzles explore terminology and definitions in the prevention of abuse and violence in relationships, important self- management skills, and tools and principles necessary to effect and maintain healthier relationships. The puzzles can serve as in home and classroom activities and handouts in a variety of classroom settings like character education, civics, health education while underscoring fundamentals in reading, spelling, and vocabulary building.

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