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Politics in American Higher Education

In May 2009, with 60+ graduate credits earned (A-/B+ GPA), and over $80,000 spent in the pursuit of my doctoral degree I was expelled from Argosy University.

The actions of the administration of Argosy University and the faculty and affiliates of the Clinical Psychology Program stem from my work in the area of peace and justice, my work to give voice to psychologists, counselors and other professionals mediating peaceably violent conflicts in today’s world; thereby diminishing the need for military intervention.

Each year dozens, if not hundreds of graduate students are expelled from American universities some for almost no reasons given at the time. The expulsion process is both callous and indifferent to student fairness and justice and offers students no consequential recourse.

This practice is clearly a relic of American paternalism where “big brother” decides who passes through to the higher echelons of leadership in society.

The idea behind ‘Visions in conflict’ is to encourage persons across a broad academic spectrum to write, read, and think about the challenges of understanding, forgiveness and creative conflict resolution with respect to national and international crises, even crises like this one.

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